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Useful Web Places & Things

codedonut Codedonut is a blog that covers topics such as programming, Linux, Chromebooks, Web Design/Development, gaming, and homebrew.
linuxbabe This site is full of useful tutorials surrounding desktop linux, linux server, raspberry pi, and many other topics.
Mikrotik Mikrotik is a company that manufactures great full featured routers and other networking hardware.
mrchromebox This site is designed to provide background info on ChromeOS, Developer Mode, and Legacy Boot Mode, as well as info on modifying/replacing the the firmware on your device.
pcpartspicker A fine website that lets you build out a pc with price comparisons from many online retailers. An excelllent resource to reclaim internet privacy. provides knowledge and tools to protect your privacy against global mass surveillance.
tldrlegal TL;DRLegal is a nice resource to find the tl;dr version of software licenses like Youtube's terms of service or the GPL-3.
unixsurplus Unixsurplus is a great place to pick up low cost server hardware as well as other networking hardware. Unixsurplus also has an ebay store.
Homebank Homebank is free software that will help you manage your personal accounting
Mooltipass The Mooltipass is an interesting offline password keeper which stores your passwords on a smartcard.
Pockethernet This is an awesome product out of Germany that lets you check the ethernet link, find cable faults, PoE voltage, VLAN, DHCP results and more in an ethernet network installtion.
RazerGenie RazerGenie is a Qt application for configuring your Razer devices under GNU/Linux.